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Our Service Offerings

Design & Build

At Colshaw Construction Group we offer a complete turnkey Design and Build solution. We offer smart solutions, partnering with our customers from the inception of their project to deliver a great result.

Concrete Flooring Division

Colshaw Construction Group operate a highly experienced concrete flooring division. Our in house division will design and install any internal or external concrete floor slab to meet the requirements for any project.

Tarmac Division

Colshaw Construction Group undertakes works on main roads, dual carriageways, private roads, airfields, industrial estates, Carparks, forecourts, and section 278 works, bell mouths, footpaths, and cycle tracks.

Serving Agriculture

Colshaw Construction Group have a dedicated division with experience across all sectors of Agricultural construction.

Groundworks & Civil Engineering

Colshaw Construction Group has a clear and simple aim which is to deliver both a quality service and end product to its clients. This is executed by professional and technically skilled personnel both on site and in office.

Demolition Division

Colshaw Construction Group has the experience and expertise to take on large scale commercial demolition works right up to full site clearance, throughout the UK.